I know...... dinner at Clifford Pier and you had Bak Chor Mee?!?!?!
But I couldn’t help it. I absolutely love Bak Chor Mee and the fact they declared it “Best” made me just want to try it more and I had absolutely no regrets.

Best Bak Chor Mee ($27.00)
The minute the bowl came, I knew there was something different. The Mee Pok (flat yellow noodles) looked a lot thinner.
Took a bit and I was completely drawn in.
The noodle was springy (QQ) and had a nice snap to it and the seasoning was mind blowing good. The vinegar they used was so fragrant. It was slightly sweet, slightly salty and slightly pungent, without any of it over taking each other. With each bite, it felt like multiple flavours filled the inside of the mouth, building up the anticipation for the next bite. It was complex, more complex than any Bak Chor Mee I’ve had before yet it all very balanced.

They were very generous with the ingredients as well, with a mixture of minced pork, lean pork, pork ball and pork liver.
The addition of lard was always a welcome and the inclusion of small pieces of crispy flat fish just added to the umami and gave a different texture to each bite.
The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the wanton. Wanton felt doughy despite looking fat and stuffed with ingredients and there was this taste of almost raw dough that lingered in mouth after eating.

Apart from that hiccup, everything else was amazing.

Nasi Goreng ($27.00)
Nasi Goreng unfortunately was a bit of a let down.
Not that it was bad, it was just very normal and well...... “hotel” standard. The rice was fluffy with a bit of spice, but it wasn’t very fragrant and was more Chinese fried rice than Nasi Goreng and the fried chicken looked and tasted a lot like it came out of a CP bag.
The achar (pickled vegetables) it came with was pretty good. Not too sour and not too sweet.
The star of the show had to be the satays.
In all honesty, it looked like nothing much but it was good! The chicken satays were tender and you could taste the fragrant lemongrass in the marinade. The peanut sauce it came with was good too. It’s a lot smoother than what you get outside yet having this almost peanut butter flavour to it. In fact, it was so good, we ended up ordering a plate of satay ($21.00 for 8 pieces. We had a mix of chicken and beef).

Dining at Clifford Pier was truest and experience. The food had some hits and misses but I was overall still really good.
The only thing was..... while the singer was good..... she didn’t quite fit the setting.

Still. And overall wonderful experience