For The Original Katong Laksa, the stall has several outlets located in Singapore and one of them is housed in the food court within the nondescript Roxy Square, together with another popular hawker stall, Bei-Ing Wanton Noodle. This katong laksa dates back in history and with an “original” in their naming, is this really the OG of all katong laksa? This brand also goes by another name, Janggut Laksa which might be more familiar to some of us but what’s unique about it is that everything is eaten with a spoon as the noodles are cut into spoon-sized portions. The laksa gravy has the right amount of lemak-ness and spiciness, making it so enjoyable to eat even though I was kinda filled up from other food before this. It might seem simple, with mainly noodle, gravy, fish cakes and prawns in this bowl, but every component works and complemented with each other so well. Truth to be told, I don’t usually take laksa that often but after trying out this Janggut Laksa, I am curious to try other laksas in Singapore, especially George’s Laksa recommended by @malaccamakanking which I am trying to find a time to head down soon!
✨ The Original Katong Laksa
📍 50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square, Singapore 428769
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