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So we actually came across reviews by fellow Burpplers on this oyster omelette at Kai Xiang that led us salivating, thus the decision to validate it tonight.

Indeed, when the omelette was served, I was astounded by the juicy, plump oysters that were laid on top of the omelette. Can't even wait to finishing counting how many oysters there were and I started the attack. The oysters were fresh, and bursts outrightly when bitten. Some oysters have a dirty taste when they aren't that fresh, but the ones here are a little creamy and briny. Not overly fishy too.

The omelette was fried purely using eggs and there was no starch added. I actually prefer to eat this without starch because I feel that the gooeyness of starch sometimes affects the texture and flavour of the dish overall. The omelette was minimally greasy but instead pretty fluffy, and not soggy like some that could absorb water from the oysters.

I would be more than willing to pay this price for an oyster omelette like this, than for those that costs around half of this price but what you get is an omelette with tiny oysters. It's definitely a hidden gem!