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Don't expect good service here, but expect very good scrambled eggs. The last time I was in Hong Kong, I ate this 3 times. Yes, I like it that much. Don't know what they put in them, but this shit wins me over every single time. They're savoury, fluffy, creamy and slightly undercooked. I will come back for these over and over again, because they're hands down my favourite (in the entire world). I like having the scrambled egg sandwich (eggs between two slices of bread), but you can have the scrambled egg toast (on a slice of bread) if you prefer less carbs. Their steamed puddings aren't spectacular - go to Yee Shun instead. The milk tea here is good as well. Standard breakfast set comes with macaroni in soup, but I suggest you spend your calories elsewhere. Some people prefer Capital Cafe's scrambled eggs, but not me.