A type of unleavened flatbread, chapati is a less commonly eaten bread compared to the flakier, buttery prata Singaporeans are used to. Simply made from wholewheat flour and water, these toasty breads are the perfect complement to tasty curries. Azmi, a tiny stall within a coffeeshop (Thye Chong Restaurant) on the corner of Norris Road, has probably served the best chapati since 1956. You will first be struck by the irresistible aroma in the air, and then by the uncle with the long white beard wearing a sarong and flipping handmade chapatis on the griddle. Pick the Keema ($3.40), a minced mutton curry cooked with peas and potatoes, to go with two Azmi Chapati ($0.90) — a simple meal that will satisfy. If you're not eating alone, also share a vegetable dish of your choice. The nice thing about all the curries at Azmi is that they're never too salty, ensuring you can wipe your plate clean. Use your hands if you're comfortable, it truly tastes better!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Muriel A