One of my most frequently ordered for days when i feel like eating healthy yet not wanting to skimp on tastes. I think that $8 is rather value for money too, for the generous slab of teriyaki chicken which was nicely but not overly marinated. Chicken was quite tender too. There's a reason why this is one of their best-seller haha😊

I like the faint green tea taste of their cha soba, but not so much the texture, which i would've preferred a greater bite to. Asked for my dressing to be served at the side and it came nicely packed in a small container. I really love their sesame dressing (especially for the shredded carrots since they are raw and unmarinated) which is why i wished there was more dressing given haha but i guess this is good for #portioncontrol for those watching their health/weight because the dressing is really addictive 😅

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