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Many years ago, we go to Marina South for affordable BBQ Steamboat Buffet and stuff ourselves silly there. Many of us around my age (or older) can relate to that.

Today I have practically relived the good ol' days of BBQ steamboat with the Pagoda Steamboat by Flame Cafe. On top of the BBQ and steamboat (literally), they also provide a layer of steamer and a layer of sauce dip.

I would say that the cheese fondue is a popular and relatively safe option to choose, though Salted Yolk dip sounded delicious too. I can never imagine myself dunking Tom Yum salmon into chocolate sauce.

For the price you pay for the ala carte buffet, you also get to enjoy free flow beverages, ice cream and fruits, so it's really a good deal per se.

What's more exciting? Burpple has an ongoing promotion with Flame Café till 31 May 2017. You just have to follow some simple steps to enjoy your Pagoda Steamboat at S$19.90 per person for lunch and dinner, any day. Chope your tables now!