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Finally trying this after having it on my wishlist for so long! I ordered the Original Maze-soba ($10.80 regular / $12.80 large) because I wanted to try the real deal, & I also read reviews that nothing beats the original.

I was not disappointed! Firstly, this is very carb heavy - which I loved because I was absolutely starving. Secondly, this dish is big on umami flavours which would be a little too rich to handle on its own - but it also comes with a bowl of soup & you're served complimentary iced water, both of which cut through the richness very nicely before you tuck in again & again. I also ordered a side of bamboo shoots ($2.00) which was crunchy & refreshing, & made this dish more balanced.

I liked how all the staff here were so warm, friendly & helpful to not only me but everyone around me. I was welcomed warmly to my seat, & asked if it was my first time here. Since it was, the waitress explained to me how to order.

When my food was served, I was asked again - & the instructions on how to eat this meal was explained to me again. The last step of this meal: In asking for a spoonful of rice to mix in to the remnants of your sauce/ingredients (btw you can ask for >1 portion.... Lol), the waiter mused out loud to me that he's impressed I could finish the Large portion. Because most ladies can't even finish the regular one πŸ˜‚. & he was very smiley while he rang up my bill, asking me for feedback & chatting with me a little.

Impressed with the overall experience here & keen to be back!

πŸ’³ Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
🚫 No Free WiFi
πŸ’¦ Water is not chargeable