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This tasting flight comes with a set of 3 mini savory souffles. From bottom to top, these are the Truffled Mushroom, Roquefort and Laksa Souffles. These cost $32 but I used the 1 for 1 Burpple Beyond deal to get 2 mains for the price of 1.

My personal favorite (and also the favorite of my dining partner) was the Truffled Mushroom. The souffle itself was lightly flavored with chunks of mushroom. There is nothing subtle about the truffle taste though (the truffle was in the sauce) and it hit my palate like a baseball bat. There's something so delicious about the airy souffle with the creamy sauce, and the mild mushroom with the almost-overpowering truffle.

The Roquefort had complex cheesy notes to it. It was a perfect balance between the lightness of the souffle and the savory saltiness of the cheese. It was a nice palate cleanser between bites of the other two much richer souffles.

My dining partner was impressed by the Laksa souffle sauce. The souffle itself didn't have much taste, so the spicy, coconutty flavors of the laksa sauce could shine through. I felt it was too viscous and thick to be 'classic' laksa, but still a daring twist of one of Singapore's best-loved local dishes.

Altogether, my dining partner and I enjoyed this short flight through this world of modern French fusion cuisine.