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😱 /It didn't take long for me to s t r a y towards fatcat's Sister cafe. Only fatcat fans would comprehend their signature chacoal x salted egg pairing. / taste: 4.5/5
I've tried their original charcoal waffle + salted egg sauce when they had just open in Bedok & I felt like this is the upgraded version! Crispy waffle is here to stay, but matched with salted egg soft serve, which DOES taste like salted egg, especially with slivers of salted egg on TOP. IT WORKS!
And the fried basil made feel like I was having salted egg prawns as well πŸ˜‚ fatcat has outdone themselves, yet again. My guy friends were raving about it, so I think this would capture a guy's heart if you're thinking of doing so.. 😏

Just 😐 about $18+ price tag! But I Guess it's better than travelling all the way to Bedok for a waffle. #straysg #orchardcentral #fatcatsg #burpplesg #burpple