What’s good to eat at Empress Road Market (a.k.a. Farrer Road Market)? One of the stalls you gotta try is Ah Wing’s Wanton Mee (01-108). Spot the stall with the longest queue in the hawker centre and you’re at the right place.

I was terribly impressed by both the wanton mee ($3.50/4.50) and dumpling soup ($4 for 5 pieces’/ $7 for 9 pieces). Let’s first talk about the noodles. There’s a pleasant yellow hue to the noodles and they are firm, elastic and eggy. Very similar to what you get in Hong Kong with the mild alkaline taste.

And the wantons here are delectable. Loads of minced pork filling is packed in each wanton. Plus the skin is soft and smooth. Char siew is of the lean variety. It has a charred, caramelised exterior that was reasonably sweet from the marinade.

Each dumpling was plump and meaty. The filling is generous where it’s stuffed with pork, a whole shrimp and black fungus. Very tasty.

Decided to add on the braised chicken feet (additional $2; or available separately as a noodle dish). It’s decent but I found it to be rather bony and dry.

Not forgetting the sauces, their dark sauce was a perfect concoction. The chilli had a strong taste of dried shrimp but wasn’t spicy enough for my liking. It tasted more like XO sauce.

My only regret is that I didn’t try this much earlier despite it being very convenient for me.

Ah Wing’s is open on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays during the CB period.