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Definitely great #fortheGram!!!! Was a teeny bit disappointed to find that the bottle was made of plastic, because it looks like it’s made of glass in the pictures 😅 Flavour-wise, the tea was pretty decent and it went really well with the panna cotta base! Reminded us a little of Gongcha’s Milk Tea with Pudding, just that the Panna Cotta was much sweeter, silkier, and occupied less room in the bottle to make more room for the tea 😂

Not sure if it’s worth $7.50 and the slightly far walk from the MRT (but hey, you gotta work for your sugar right!) but wouldn’t mind returning to try their Strawberry Latte with Panna Cotta ($8.50) 🍓 or their Cheese Foam series (~$5-6) too 🧀

P.S. It’s Jay Chou endorsed so if you are a fan, its worth a shot regardless of the reviews 😉