Surprise to find this cosy little Korean restaurant at Sunset Way, opened by a friendly Korean owner.

Priced at $20, this Haemul-Pajeon (Green onion pancake with seafood) was one of my favorite dishes. The pancake was not too thick and fried to crispy but not burnt even though it looks dark brown. There were different ingredients in the pancake such as prawns, squids and of course green onions.

One thing to mention is the dipping sauce, which wasn't too salty and had a tinge of sweetness. Also, the addition of sesame seeds contributed to the fragrance of the sauce. I couldn't stop dipping the sauce at all!

They also have a wide variety of dishes, even for pancakes itself they have kimchi, vegetable and potato pancakes too! Had a hard time deciding between kimchi and this green onion seafood pancake. I will probably be back again to try the other dishes such as their jjajangmyeon, kimchi pancake and Korean fried chicken!

By the way, their side dishes were good too! They provided 8 side dishes generously, such as fish cakes, kimchi, mashed potato, anchovies, bean sprouts.