Choice between strawberry tart with coconut sorbet and this. Strawberry seemed abit too basic to me so I got this instead

Left is Comte probably? Not too sure but all these semi-hard cheese taste the same to me

Second from left is reblochon fermier. As with reblochons the texture is very creamy, and this one is incredibly mild which is great for most ppl

The third one there wasn't the packaging so I couldn't tell what it was, however it was very creamy and more flatly savoury.

And there was supposed to be another cheese, my favourite mont dor but they ran out. That's very painful. What's more painful is that there's only 1 last piece of the third cheese, which means the following guy who chooses cheese only gets 2 pathetic pieces. The chef was telling the disciple that this shouldn't happen again or sth

Of the condiments, the blackcurrant jam was wonderful. Yuzu pepper and mustard were standard, rusk was quite hard and pretty good.

Tbh if you're not french generally you're probably more used to a sweet ending rather than cheese. And it's harder to go wrong with desserts, although he did elaborate in this case that there's no blue cheese nor goat cheese

Overall this place, even tho it's alr priced friendlier than before, still doesn't seem very worth it to me. Fish was stunning, beef was solid, beef curry was well executed, cauliflower puree was savoury; the rest didn't really leave an impression, some were quite average. Plus the dining atmosphere due to the chef and the mistakes as well as the lack of water, all factored into this place not being one I would recommend strongly