pls excuse the fact that it looks squashed it was round when i got it but somehow otw home it must have gotten squashed. as all the roti boys that ive tried before all tasted the same i was also expecting that taste for this. i have not craved roti boy in a looong time bc it’s just sweet coffee and butter & usually tastes quite artificial. but yesterday i suddenly craved it so i got it to satisfy the craving since its so tiny (four leaves’ mini series is my fav thing ever) and today when i bit into it i was: SHOOK. at the first bite you can already taste a mild bitterness, which is rare for coffee flavoured food. then as you continue biting you will be able to taste the nice harmony of mild bitterness & not too sweet coffee. go further in and you’ll get the buttery center too. the butter wasn’t too oily & overwhelming, it was also just nice which complements the coffee’s taste. seeing that four leaves is a bread chain, i didnt expect them to surprise me like that, i thought their bakes are the typical usual kind but this coffee bun just changed my opinion. (also i guess the four leaves chain DOES produce phenomenal goods seeing that they also produced the viral green tea bun fr st. leaven) four leaves is one of my favourite bakeries in sg bc of how accessible they are & bc of the quality & flavours of their bakes. this coffee bun just added more points for me now! now i know where to go when my roti boy craving suddenly strikes ;)