I personally think Genki's sushi and sashimi are good - fuss-free, firmly-shaped rice, and thick enough cuts. I also like their contactless ordering through the web app and delivered to you through the train system (don't need to download anything and don't have to wait for anyone to take your order, send it to the kitchen and serve it to you, and nobody other than you and the chef touch the plates). The salmon nigiri (also the salmon belly sashimi and maguro nigiri) are fresh, generous and make a good casual bite. In frame is a triple salmon nigiri sushi but I can't review the mentaiko salmon and black pepper mayo salmon objectively as I hate sushi with toppings (mentaiko lovers gonna hate but anyways).
A suggestion is probably to have more items on its own without sauces e.g. fried salmon skin only? As when I visited, only salmon skin with salted egg sauce was listed in the menu:( And the wasabi is not the spicy, fuming type which is quite a letdown. Also, probably Genki can have the wasabi served by itself on a small plate upon request instead of packing it in single-use plastic wraps.

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