Taking over the former premises of Manna at City Gate, Happy Ending Pizza Parlour is a new pizzeria which had opened its doors as a physical store rather recently — the establishment was previously more of an online operation serving patrons through delivery since June 2020.

Admittedly we did give Happy Ending Pizza Parlour a visit for its quirky name, but someone else had to point out the name of the pizza that we had ordered that things sound more twisted than it felt initially (😝). That being said, the Sweet Dreams was a pizza off the “Unique Pizza” section of the menu — essentially a four cheese pizza featuring elements such as mozzarella, blue cheese, parmesan and ricotta with a drizzle of honey; a pizza that fits well for those who don’t necessarily find meaty pizzas appealing (yes, such folks do exist — don’t be surprised especially for those who grew up eating the Hawaiian). Coming in a size of approximately 10 to 11 inches, the Sweet Dreams does seem reasonably sized to feed one really hungry human being, or two with a rather typical appetite — the crust comes beautifully blistered from the baking process; slightly bready but still light, airy and fluffy, though I could see those who love crusty charred edges probably find this less aligned to their preferences. Whilst wafting of a pungent cheesiness when it arrived the table with most of the aroma coming from the blue cheese, the pizza was pretty light taste-wise; sufficiently cheesy but doesn’t carry the punch I had initially expected from the blue cheese especially — perhaps much of it was already complimented by the drizzle of honey which gives it a tinge of sweetness amidst the slight saltishness which does remind us remotely of the Honey Soy craze a couple of years ago. So sinful, but yet so comforting somehow.

Still found it a shame that we didn’t really get to try the meatier renditions here (oh, we ended up going for a round of Thai Mookata cos’ Golden Mile) — probably something that I might considering making the visit here again next time. Interestingly, Happy Ending Pizza Parlour does also serve up their pizzas with add-on sauces — think Chili Crab, Zesty Red Pesto, and Bacon Jam; all for one to dunk their pizza in for yet another flavour contrast. Unique concept, I would say!