Heard about their Cheese Prata quite a fair bit — after all, Niqqi’s The Cheese Prata Shop is quite the place to around Kent Ridge, but only came by because I hadn’t checked out the opening times of another spot that I was intending to visit in the area.

Kinda understood why there is such a clear split of opinion when it comes to Niqqi’s pratas. It is pretty apparent how Niqqi’s style seems to veer towards very thinly-stretched pratas — this style seemingly fits their signature cheese pratas very well, though its not quite the same for their plain prata. Found the Garlic Cheese Prata to be exceptionally enjoyable with its soft and fluffy texture that accommodates the stretchy cheese beneath; the garlic being my own must-have for that extra contrast of flavour. Liked how they seemed to have used a more premium cheese than the usual processed cheese that most stalls of its type chooses to use — makes for a more alluring savoury note and better texture overall as one can actually do a proper “cheese-pull” while the prata is piping hot. The Plain Prata was lacklustre however; the Prata having been stretched overly thin with gaping holes found in the middle — something I hadn’t quite expected to see and to be really honest, never seen after all these years having Prata. Given how the dough was stretched so thin, the Prata undoubtedly turn rather stodgy and slightly tough to pull apart and lacks crispness after being left there while I devoured the Garlic Cheese Prata in delight. The accompanying curry was actually pretty decent — sufficiently rich and surprisingly not too oily; comes with a distinct tanginess without being particularly spicy for those with a lower tolerance of spiciness.

Given how it is located at the far end of Kent Ridge closer to Kent Ridge Bus Terminal rather than the MRT Station, I can see the reason why some wouldn’t really make their way for Niqqi’s for how it does require a bit of effort to get to. That being said, if one does want to give them a go, the Cheese Prata (along with any variant of it) is the one to go for — probably the item that brings those NUS students back yearning for more.