Ahh friend laksa. What on earth is it? How can you hope to make a stir fried noodle dish taste as flavourful as the laksa soup in a bowl of asam laksa which is the main star of the dish? For if you have mastered the laksa soup, you have mastered asam laksa.

Well you can't. But I'm guessing Well Cook Groumet has come pretty close.

Well Cook Gourmet is a restaurant in ss14 famed for its fried laksa - a stir fried version of Malaysia's favourite spicy soup noodle dish. And rightfully so. The best dish there IS the fried laksa (RM 7.50 before GST). The mee jawa (RM 7.50 before GST) wasn't impressive and the popiah set (RM 6.50 before GST - 2 rolls) was plain and underseasoned.

The fried laksa tasted like Asam Laksa's less reserved younger sister that was always chasing after Asam Laksa's accomplishments. It was bold. It was flavourful. It has made it's name as a unique dish. But it wasn't as flavourful as a good bowl of asam laksa (I'm pampered. My mom makes killer asam laksa). It doesn't have the fish, the pinapple or the asam slices that I'm used to. I always call for extra lime with the dish because I'm a lime fanatic but taste wise I guess there really is no way to recreate a hot bowl of asam laksa into a stir fried noodle dish. But this comes close in terms of the blending of flavors. Familiar, yet not the same.

This is after all, Asam Laksa's younger sister. And she is an individual all on her own.

Meal expenditure:
Fried Laksa - RM 7.50
Iced Water - RM 0.50
Total after GST - RM 8.48