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Tender, moist glistening poached or roasted chicken slices set atop aromatic rice — it is no question why chicken rice is an ubiquitous Singaporean favourite and a hit among locals and tourists alike. Ask locals which stall is best and you're likely to start quite a heated debate. Our advice? Taste from as many as you can! Start at Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice, one of the more established chicken rice brands in Singapore. The outlet at Marina Square is decked out like an old-school coffeeshop for ambience, yet diners get to eat in air-conditioned comfort. With options for poached, roasted and soya sauce chicken, the Chicken Rice (from $4.80 a plate) features tender and juicy chicken slicked in an aromatic sauce, and the garlicky rice is fragrant and well-oiled. It is served with accompanying saucers of dark soya sauce, piquant and tangy housemade chilli sauce and minced ginger. There are no rules to adding these condiments. Some, like Burpple Tastemaker Julius Lim, like drenching their rice in black sauce and dipping the chicken in chilli and ginger. Others prefer to simply dip sparingly. Go crazy.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Joe Yang