This is the second recommendation that I am delisting within the month.

Had a popiah craving today and revisited Tangs market .

The popiah skin is no longer fresh and chewy .
Evidently there is switching to a cheaper supplier / lower quality skin.

The popiah skin is also considerably smaller now - just like what you would pay for 1.80 outside just that this is almost double the price at 3.50.

Poorer quality skin , smaller skin , smaller popiah .

No more going back .

< delisted >

I’d always find myself gravitating to something simple and close to heart especially when dining alone.

A simple polish and teh- O was what I finally settled for a quiet birthday lunch today . In fact I was struggling between a yakun Toast Set or a hot steaming popiah.

I decided to go for the latter. The popiah was delicious in every aspect especially the skin which was so QQ. The ingredients were fresh and the turnips were juicy .

Not exactly cheap at 3.50 but I would say it fills you and to escape the heat outside and dine in comfort of a clean place - this popiah at ck tang foodcourt is definitely one of my favourites when I am in town :)

Present your food receipt at the drinks stall and get a regular Teh or Kopi at 1 dollar. How nice is that 😇