My brother and I would often be the first two to wake up so as to catch our favourite cartoons on TV. (now we are the last to wake up 😂) All of us would then go to the nearest hawker centre in the neighbourhood to have our usual breakfast.
Breakfast would be a simple affair, my mum and dad usual order of Kopi-O while me and my brother would definitely be Milo-Bing! Most of the time, given our small appetite, my mum would order 2 soft boiled eggs for us. The soft boiled egg would come without the shells. It would be a normal routine for us to add the dark soya sauce and pepper, and chop the egg yolks and whites up! My mum would nag at us if we add too much soya sauce. (AIYO TOO SALTY!) Me and my brother would then compete who would finish the eggs first as we shove the plates to our mouth and drink the eggs as if water. As memories fade, I don't remember who actually won. But it's these small memories that you remember and not really the results. #hawkerpedia