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Beef Chilli Cheese is a new flavour on the menu at Egg Stop which comes with minced beef, chilli cheese and their signature sauce along with Egg Stop’s fluffy scrambled eggs. Ordering it on its own costs $5.90, but to be eligible for Burpple Beyond redemption, it has to be a set. The set comes with Orange Juice for an additional $2 so we got two sets of toasts for only $7.90 - what an absolute steal!

The sandwich is assembled only when you place your order, so everything comes toasty hot which is awesome! As a nice little touch, Egg Stop has plastic films to cover the tops of their toasts so they don’t get smushed against the plastic carriers when they’re packaged. It’s a nice little touch, although I do prefer less disposable waste to be generated.

The brioche toast is perfectly toasted, crispy on the outside, yet pillowy soft and fluffy on the inside! Egg Stop’s scrambled eggs are truly a class of their own. They’re insanely fluffy, creamy and light, it feels like you’re munching on an egg cloud. The minced beef tasted a little like corned beef, but much less salty. It went really well with the scrambled egg, and nacho cheese makes everything way better.

Everything starts falling apart as you reach the bottom of the sandwich, so don’t be afraid to use your fingers to pick up all the delicious ingredients that fall out into the cardboard box. You don’t want to let any of that yummy goodness go to waste!

Now having tried both Egg Drop in Seoul, Korea, and our own local Egg Stop, I honestly prefer Egg Stop - yay, support local! I didn’t like the copious amounts of sweet mayonnaise sauce on Egg Drop’s toasts, whereas the sauces used by Egg Stop are more savoury and complement the savoury toasts better in my opinion.

I’m definitely going to make the most of the Burpple Beyond deals at Egg Stop because the toasts are super delicious, and with the 1-for-1, they’re well worth it! Can’t wait to try the other stuff on the menu!

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