🌈 EagleWings Loft @ King Albert Park

we ordered their mixed batter waffle (consist of brown butter waffle and charcoal waffle) which cost $10.50 with a scoop of ice cream! we added another scoop of ice cream! we got the cookies and cream and salted caramel flavor. lets begin by talking about their waffle. i feel that the taste of the waffle is pretty plain and does not really have a taste to it. it just taste really bland. the texture of the waffle is not amazing as well. it's neither crispy nor fluffy. have to say that i was pretty much very disappointed. moving on to their ice cream. the salted caramel flavor was too heavy to my liking. it tasted really weird. on the other hand, the cookies and cream tasted way too bland. i'm not sure if this place is just famous for it's food (which we did not try since we were very full, so we only got dessert) and not it's dessert, but i have to say i am very disappointed and unsatisfied with the food. would rate it a 1/5.