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Tuck away in a corner of Hougang, the newly opened Nunsongyee located at The Midtown, serving a wide variety of Bingsu, ranging from the classics Pat Bingsu to some exotic yet interesting and unique flavours was my first stop for dessert. They have many outlets located across the island, this one was their newly opened one. When I arrived, I decided to order their Thai Milk Tea Bingsu, which was their promotional item at that time. The place was relatively small, capable of sitting around 20 people, so if you want to come and enjoy their Bingsu, do come early as it may be pack. The wait for the Bingsu was relatively okay. When my Bingsu arrived, all I wanted to do was to dive into the Bingsu, as it was covered with a generous amount of nuts and the ice cream on top was huge! The sauce was also quite unique as it was not the normal condense milk you would usually get. The ice cream was very nice as it has the right balance of sweetness with the flavour of the Thai Tea. The cake was also very nice as it was fluffy and cheesy. The cake was slightly too sweet for me, but I am sure for people with a sweet tooth, it is just nice. The nuts were also a nice mix with the crushed ice and Thai milk tea. Overall, the Bingsu was very nice as all the components in the Bingsu worked well with each other, I guess the only downside of this Bingsu is that it is on the pricy end, but I would say it is value for money. So what are you waiting for! Come down and visit NunSongYee.

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