Pretty good in terms of variety but quality of food suffers in exchange 😢😢 Sashimi section consisted of salmon, tuna, mock abalone, shrimp while seafood section had mussels and prawns, with jellyfish, seaweed, pickles and kimchi to go on the side, with a. variety of sushi (inari, tamago, sotong, California roll). Sashimi was decently fresh (first batch was messy and gross, but second batch was better cut and arranged) but definitely lower-grade sashimi (what can you expect right), liked the jellyfish too! Western section had roast pork (dry), beef stew (super tough), cream spinach, buffalo wings, vegetarian and chicken pizza, cream mussels. Western and the hotpot sections were the more meh ones, with the hotpot broth being bland and ingredients substandard. Yakitori and teppanyaki sections were much better. I particularly enjoyed the chicken skewers, chicken cheese balls (ok but these taste cheap), Saba fish and grilled corn. Salmon head was too oily with minimal meat and teppanyaki chicken was the only ok one. Oden was tasteless and left me going “oh then??” Desserts like cakes (red bean matcha, mango) and puddings (goma) were bleh, but ice cream (matcha, black sesame, chocolate) was decent with many many toppings (red bean!!!). I’m just sold by the red bean with matcha ice cream combi, plus dipping their waffles (though soggy) into the chocolate fondue 😍😍 Overall, the dinner price wasn’t worth imo and I could easily have gone for a hotel buffet at this price. But do try them out for weekday lunches ($22.80++), and clearing service was fast and no time limit on your eating too!