Hadn’t been visiting them in a long while; and kinda bummed about it too considering that they have changed their operating hours to open at 1:30pm instead of 12 noon — an timing that makes it extremely difficult to visit during weekday lunches when I return to office.

When back to having the traditional Chinese pastes after ordering the Yam Paste offerings for the last few visits because the craving has been lingering for quite a while since. Still as good as ever; the Walnut & Sesame Paste is smooth and creamy as it was back then without being overly sweet — the walnut carrying a nutty flavour while the sesame compliments it perfectly with a roasty, earthy flavour without being distinctively gritty when compared against the walnut paste, giving it a consistent texture throughout.

Pretty heartened that this spot is no longer a hidden secret, despite the fact making it a spot that feels harder to visit than before — the place being still crowded with a queue when we made our visit at around 8pm to 9pm on a weekend; also probably speaks about why they moved their operating hours to start the day later. Have always been impressed by what they have to offer; still glad that they are dishing out well-executed Chinese desserts from the heart whilst being still friendly to their patrons — which explains why they are now very much appreciated by most whom have turned into their regulars. Very glad to have seen them come so far!

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