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All hail @burpplebeyond again!!! This place was a true gem with breakfast comfort foods done right. We ordered a fully loaded (big breakfast with scrambled egg, toast, rocket, sautéed mushrooms, bacon and cheesy chicken sausage - what a spread right, I KNOW!!!), truffle bacon mac and cheese, salmon eggs benedict and capellini crabmeat.

I was very happy with the fully loaded because I like having a variety of food on my plate and I’ve got to say each item was well executed, especially the fluffy scrambled eggs. I was also pleasantly surprised by the quantity of the food - say NO to teeny weeny portions of cafe food. My only gripe would be that food was a little oily, especially when you get towards the end and see the plate or pan covered in a layer of oil. But overall, food was hearty and satisfying. I’ll be back for more brunch with burpple beyond :)

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