Heard about Clap Cafe at Waterloo Street — a new cafe that had opened their doors pretty recently just beside Kurasu, being in its soft launch for family and friends on 15 May 2021; just a day before the measures for COVID-19 Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) were implemented, where dine-in would be disallowed from 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021 (tentatively). Apart from specialty coffee, Clap Cafe also serves up loose leaf tea, fizzy concoctions and cakes as well — quirky beverage options include Dirty Chocolate and Pumpkin Latte. Found ourselves going for the following:

- Basque Cheesecake;
- Maple Pecan Tart; and
- White

Wasn’t too much a fan of their Basque Cheesecake; lacks that oozy, melty texture that I would really like — their version was one that was somewhat loose and airy, missing out of the rich, velvety and near-jelak sinfulness that one often associated with the cake. In comparison, the Maple Pecan Tart fared much better — the pecan providing a soft crunch that reveals a nutty note that goes so well with the sweet fragrance of maple that is not overly saccharine beneath the top layer; all that against the buttery tart layer that actually holds up to the fork really well. A dessert that would work well with the Black; it’s flavour profile being pretty complimenting to the roasty aroma of well-brewed specialty coffee. The White was well-pulled here — a medium-bodied cuppa with an earthy and roasty note; a cuppa fit for a great mid-day perk-me-up.

Felt that the cafe’s high ceilings make for a great hangout over coffee with an environment that is well-lit and airy once they open for dine-in operations. But in the meanwhile, do give Clap Coffee a try if one is in the area — tough times it is now especially for a new entrant into the F&B scene; would really wish that more people can get to know of their existence for how there can never be one good coffee place too many around.