This consisted of grilled octopus with squid ink capellini and charred lemon. The squid ink capellini was alright, it didn’t have much of a taste to it. But the grilled octopus though. It was SO GOOD!! It was grilled really nicely - the octopus was chewy, soft but still retained a bite, and slightly crisp on the exterior. The moment we ate a piece we told each other “this is going to be my last bite” because it was just so delish. It’s super nice when hot! It’s still good at the end of the meal, eating it when it’s hot is ultra shiok 👌🏼

Also, the sliced tomatoes were really juicy and sweet. Really enjoyed the ingredients in this dish. The capellini can be better, but I’m not sure if the Chef had intended for the pasta to be as such, so as to let the ingredients shine. Either way, I would definitely be back for this :)