Can't decide between having a BBQ, steamboat, or buffet? Or just wished that you can have them all? Then Hao Lai Wu Steamboat & BBQ is the place to be! With unconventional features such as crystal pots (which prevent accidental burns) and smokeless grills (basically a parchment paper-lined hotplate), together with air-conditioning and fans, you're bound to leave this place safe, clean, and happy HAHA

For $22.80++ per pax on weekends, I would say that this is value-for-money considering the level of comfort in this small restaurant and the HUGE variety of ingredients available (there's almost everything trust me).

Just a word of caution from me:
1. Some of the meats are not marinated so sauces are necessary, or just sprinkle your desired seasoning over the meats while they're grilling!
2. However, the seafood items were "very salty", probably because they were pre-marinated with salt to preserve its quality.