💕Crab Tree (photo 1)
Torched Broccoli seating in bed of crab meats, garlic, chaipoh and velvety sauce.
💕Smoking Pot (photo 2)
Crusty Chicken Claypot rice with Foie gras,
💕Cow Pei Cow Bu (photo 3).
Beef Ribs rubbed with dry middle Eastern blend of prapika, chilli powder, Cinnamon,  cloves and coriander,  sous vide for 25 hours. The beef very tender.
💕Capricorn (photo 4)
Corn kernel seasoned with salt and pepper, incorporate it with salted egg yolk sauce.
💕oOoOtak (photo 5)
Inspired by Thai curry crab. Made with kaffir lime leaves, homemade sambal,coconut milk and eggs.
💕Open Sesame (photo 6).
Chicken brined with salt for 8 hours,Roasted seasoned Seed Spring Chicken.
💰$28/half or $48/whole).
💕Inception (photo 7).
British Scotch eggs with runny yolk.
📍Holy Crab.
Arcade, The Capitol Kempinski.
13 Stamford Rd, #01-85.