I got a little afraid of Burrata dishes ever since my encounter with the giant blob of cheese I have had at Lollapalooza which saw a combination of two portions into one plate with an intimidating ball of cheese — the fact that the Feta Burrata comes served with creamy cheese comforts me for its less scary to look at. The same Turkish Toast from the Haloumi Mushrooms appear here, which was perfection for that texture where you get that satisfying pulling sensation when you cut it apart, yet not too dense with a delightfully light crust. Again, the cheese here feels light — it's never too jelat for a cheese-based item and immensely smooth while elements such as the passionfruit just cuts it just right with a little bit of zing that goes on in there. Very very smart indeed.

So beautifully balanced, isn't this? 😍😋
Veronica Phua yes! Definitely enjoyed it even though I am not into Burrata. The different way of serving it definitely helped 😉