After reading bossman @kenloon’s post on 7th June about how @nakedfinn created the sauce for their NEW Spicy Series, I was intrigued and hungry. No surprise that I immediately decided to order dinner from there for the following Saturday. What Ken wrote, I soon discovered for myself, was spot on.
More tangy than sweet, Naked Finn’s brazenly spicy version of the Chilli Crab roused my tastebuds into singing hallelujah. Thickened just enough with egg white, it‘s quite unique in taste, and I love that. The less commonly-found North American Dungeness Crab is the star here - its juicy, delicately sweet flesh a good match with the shiok assam gravy. Although the claws of this specie aren’t as huge as its Sri Lankan cousin, its fat legs yield bigger chunks of meaty bites. Priced at $12 per 100gms, my 1kg crab cost $120, and came with a box of mini “mantou” buns which did a fine job of mopping up the mouthwatering sauce.