I never recognised Kovan 209 Market as a place for wonderful wanton noodles, but ever since I discovered Kwang’s Black Char Siew stall dishing out wanton noodles, it’s become my default option. Their specialty is their signature black char siew, but they make a real mean bowl of wanton noods too for just five buckaronis.⠀

As expected of a char siew specialist, Kwang’s char siew is stellar. While not as black as advertised, the well marinated pork was still stunningly smoky & sported a charmingly charred crust. The sweetness from the honey that’s been slathered onto the pork accentuates the sapid spice rub that’s marinated deep into the meat. While the fat marbling in the char siew is a bit spotty, the meat tender & moist, and when you do bite into a fatty piece, a gluttonous glee will be sure to overcome you. Every slice of char siew is a satisfyingly savoury experience, possessing a deeply pleasurable chew that can only come from a tender cut of meat.⠀

The portlier-than-usual wantons held up their end of the bargain decently. While the wanton wrapper was a little thick in some spots, it was cooked expertly. The filling within was seasoned adequately, and possessed a delightful crunch from added bits of water chestnuts, providing a much needed contrast to the soft textures present in the bowl of noodles. Absolutely perfect with a slice of sour, slightly spicy green chili.⠀

The sauce mix of soya sauce, sambal chili, sesame oil & a little soup is more than delicious enough to flavour the plain hor fun (flat rice noodles), but what makes these noods so mesmerising is an unexpected ingredient. Y’all see those little golden bits on the left? That’s right, they added fried pork lard to their wanton noodles! Fat is flavour, and on god this bowl of wanton noodles has a statue in the middle of Flavortown. So, so incredibly delicious, I tell you.

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