On first sight, this dish sure looked pretty, with the immaculate presentation in the positioning of each piece of ingredient, along with the stunning stone bowl. The leaves tasted really interested, part refreshing part spicy but of course in terms of flavour.. it tastes like grass, or like alfafa. I was really intrigued by the ice cream as I initially thought the white colour = vanilla, but I tasted caramel instead, and it was really good caramel ice cream, which melted pretty fast. The chocolate mousse was nothing to shout about, but I was impressed at the brandied* cherries; the amount of alcohol that it was doused in was generous and it bursts in your mouth. It isn't the most exciting or interesting or most tasty desserts, however as Cephas mentioned, it's hard to come across something that looks nice and tastes nice. Overall, this would fit the bill.

Heartiness (portion): 3/5
Tastiness (product): 4/5
Worthiness (price): 3/5


were the cherries Gucci or Prada?
LOL oops. Thanks Shawn Loh