[Disclaimer: Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid this as it contains dye from the butterfly pea flower]

It’s been awhile since I last bought myself anything from Chalk Farm. Their bakes always seem so enticing, but I always come across their shop after a heavy dinner, which dampens any motivation to get anything from them. 😂

My mum actually got their Gula Melaka Chiffon which I will discuss in another post, but they were kind enough to give her a complimentary slice of their Kueh Salaat, which includes a layer of glutinous rice beautifully imbued in a blue hue from dried Bunga Telang (aka butterfly pea flower). Anyone who’s grown up in a Malay or Peranakan household would be familiar with the putri salat as a dessert. And anyone who has witnessed the process of making this would know how painstaking and time-consuming it is.

Yet, the result is amazing - it’s this slightly jiggly kueh that is confident in holding its shape and boasts a gratifyingly smooth cross-section. Chalk Falm’s rendition cuts with an incredible amount of ease. You don’t need any sort of swagger or finesse to make an incision and make it look good. And the heart of this, its taste, was this sweet symphony of coconut milk, the eggy custard and a hint of vanilla. Personally, it screams nostalgia to me. I’ve never felt this lucky now that I realise that this is one item that is permanently associated with my culture.

The best part about this though was how the rice was devoid of an unpleasant stickiness that comes with all the putri salats I’ve had. It feels lighter and less guilt-inducing, yet has the characteristic taste in a prominent amount to back it up. As novice food writers would say - this is a must try! 🤗 (7.7/10)