help. i don’t know which one to eat first!! i cannot decide

one of them is so sweet, empathetic and warm-blooded. i taught her well; she can speak to plants and animals. she is so full of love. she once failed a test on purpose and go to an ‘ah beng ah seng’ school to take care of her academically disinclined crush. yeah she may get eaten by animals out here. but she’d surely be the loving queen of the new society, dressed in all white and green glitter.

the other one is meaty. strong and muscular. feral. he plays football with boys 5 years older than him. he can hold his own out here in the wild. he will survive. but covered in delicious blood, he looks... delicious.

help. it’s been 3 weeks since the end of the world and the only people surviving is my daughter and son. our food supplies are running out. i am hungry. which of the two should i eat first?

if only i can eat myself. help.

2/2 you don’t have to eat your children. come down to LINO for great pizzas.