Took leave and went on our own mini food trail yesterday. One of our stops was the new Mad Roaster that sits on the 2nd floor of Amoy Food Centre. Included on each cup of their lattes and espresso-based coffees, is a story and a customised coloured logo by the refugees community they aim to support. The matcha latte was a lovely cup that you can request for less sweet, or top up to swap for oat milk.

On top of these drinks, they also serve freshly made brioche on rotation. It was the Chocolate Babka’s turn yesterday and what a delight it was. If you’re having it there, it’s served warm with a spread of custard and topped with crunchy salted-chocolate crumbles - had a crisp exterior and chocolatey fluffy centre that was sweetened just right! Our slice was thinner than usual, so the kind owners offered us two instead. Can’t wait to head back to catch the original and cinnamon brioche!