We ordered the 1 for 1 “Yuzu Tsu Tori Don” ($16). Only takeaway was allowed. When we finally opened our boxes, we were mildly surprised. We double checked that our order was not swapped with a Zi Char customer’s. The supposed don looked exactly like a zichar-style sweet and sour chicken.

Then we had a ‘See what you did there’ moment. Since it was a chicken dish paired with rice, and had a somewhat tangy flavour, it qualified as ‘Yuzu tsu tori don’ (tori ~ bird). We give them 11/10 for linguistic sophistry. However, unless the restaurant is toying with a zichar fusion concept by night (which did not seem so from all the other menu items), we give this dish 1.1/10.

As sweet and sour chicken, it might score higher although there are probably better and cheaper zichar stalls in the beauty world vicinity.

this is just sad