From Urara Donburi, occupying a stall space at 73 Hillcrest just behind the chicken rice stall serving up Japanese Donburi such as Oyakodon, Yakiniku Don and Wagyu Foie Gras Don.

Overall it's pretty decently priced at $14.90, where the Donburi comes with a side salad and Miso soup; the former sized pretty generously. Both accompanying items were decent; the Goma Dressing definitely added a toasty and nutty flavour to the salad which was rather appetizing. That being said, the Donburi is decent but can be improved — we did enjoy the tender slices of beef that comes with a pinkish centre with a slight hint of char, though we would wish for the accompanying sauce to be more savoury. The rice could also do with some of the sauce to make it slightly more appetizing to finish, though the poached egg did make the entire bowl a little silkier. The truffle flavours are evident, though it lingers lightly at the back of the tongue rather than being straight-in-your-face — not a bad thing considering that the entire bowl would not be overwhelmed with the flavours of truffle though.