[One Cent Money, One Cent Goods]

Anyone expecting the food, service and ambience experience of Hai Di also but without the extensive cost here should just steer clear.

If anyone tried convincing you to come here saying “it’s like Hai di Lao, but cheaper!”, don’t be fooled by them. Wise up, and understand, that no good things in life come cheap.

Now Hai Di Lao good by Singaporeans standards, Shi Li Fang however, is in a different league of its own, albeit lower. Think somewhere between Hai Di Lao (for its array of food) and some Bugis steamboat (for its quality of soup and food).

Being honest here, the quality of the food is nowhere near being competitive towards HDL’s, Nor are their soups, especially the Mala which were too diluted and lacking any fragrance Nor numbingly spiciness.

So you should not come here if you want a cheaper version of HDL, you should come here if you want a better version of Bugis street steamboat.