Located at Level 2 of Shunfu Mart, you will be greeted by the long queue at the stall. We arrived at about 12.10pm on a weekday and it only took us 15 mins to get our CKT. There are 2 sizes available ($2.50 and $3). We each had the big plate and wow, they aren't stingy with their ingredients (Chinese sausages, fish cakes, plump cockles)! The CKT is moist and not oily (hence no wok hei taste), and it's easy for one to finish the entire plate of wholesome without feeling jelat. We didn't taste the pork lard either (which I think is a pity).

Just in case you are one of those who dislike beansprouts, the uncle may just turn you down (rather impatiently due to the long queue) because they mass cook the CKT. The only requests you can possibly make would likely be no cockles, no chili, takeaway or the size.