Lady Cake Boss can't survive on cake alone, which is why they're cooking up about a dozen mains to please potential patrons. One of them is the Spicy Mac & Cheese ($15 nett), which features a deep dish full of macaroni adorned in a spicy, tomato based sauce, a few shrimp and entombed by a blanket of cheese before it's all baked into a molten golden brown, stretchy state of perfection.

Now, for $15 nett, I was expecting a bit more than a trio of diminutive shrimp to make an appearance, and their inadequacy was exacerbated by the fact that there was an over abundance of al dente elbow macaroni packed into the dish. However, the flavor does not fail, and the spice is rather fiery and will cause you to reach out for your drink every now and then.

It isn't too overbearing to the point where you can't taste anything else, fortunately. You are free to fully savor the rich, slightly creamy and tastefully tangy spicy tomato sauce that clothes every last elbow of pasta, and that savory, stretchy and oh so satisfying golden brown melted cheese crust. Now will the real Mac Spicy please stand up?

Note: Lady Cake Boss is on the first floor of The Midtown, just a couple of shops to the right of the famed AM Bakery. I'd add the geotag in myself...if I had even the faintest clue as to how to do that.