Definitely not your authentic carbonara that’s made with an egg yolk base, but I still liked the creaminess and butteriness of the Alfredo on this one. The Crazy Carbonara comes with Alfredo sauce, smoked duck, a sous vide egg and your choice of pasta depending what is available that day. Having tried Tipo multiple times, the pasta has always been consistently al dente. Honestly, I’m pretty plain and not a fan of the flavours added to the pasta, so I always try to get those with the least obvious flavours. I remember one time I got a garlic-based one and it overpowered my pasta. Smoked duck complements the dish well with its thick slices and its saltiness had me gobbling up the dish. Portion was very generous as well. I immediately broke the sous vide egg and mixed it into my pasta, which gave the dish an added richness and creaminess. Overall, it’s a pretty good and rich pasta that’s satisfying and one of my favourites here.

Do remember to make a reservation because the queues can get insanely long. Even with a reservation, I had to wait outside for around an additional 20 minutes. So just 5 minutes before your time, and don’t come early (had to wait in the scorching sun).

Note that you can also add some free toppings to your pasta, from chilli flakes to extra virgin olive oil to grated Parmesan to bird’s eye chillies. The regular size might be a little small for big eaters, so do upsize for an additional $3.