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Simply put, Hakata Ikkousha Ramen wowed me again with their Tonkotsu Mentaiko Special (S$18.00), which came with creamy pork broth with Mentaiko flavour and a hint of spiciness. I found that with a regular broth, every sip of the soup carried this seafood umami that probably came from the Mentaiko, so I was actually pleased with the flavours of the broth. Not only that, getting “Hard” noodles was actually quite a good choice that I had made, because the noodles somehow tasted firm but did not soak in too much of the chilli oil.

Thank goodness for the pitcher of iced water on the table, I was assured that I could drink up after the meal, especially when the broth was on the salty side. However, it should be salty enough to bring out the feel in authentic Japanese Ramen.