Kakigori has became the fab desserts that everyone loves to have during a hot summers day! This smooth cloud texture shaved ice dessert originates from Japan that was introduced in the 11th century made for the wealthy! This shaved ice dessert is rather similar to our Malaysian favourite ABC ice kacang that has the same concept of shaved ice that is being flavoured with vibrant colours of syrup, coconut milk and assorted toppings ranging from sweet corns to stewed red beans..
The latest addition of the Kakigori flavour would be the Iron Lady Tea from the After Meal dessert in Uptown. For me personally this is a refreshing take on the Kakigori by infusing Chinese tea into it considering the Japanese would include Matcha into it. This Kakigori (RM20) from After Meal is really amazing as the texture of the shaved ice is really fine, fluffy texture that is similar to a texture of the snow and the flavour of the Iron Lady tea wasn’t over powering as they managed to fine tune the balance between the floral notes, smokey taste and the sweetness from the chewy brown sugar pearls and the stewed red beans! This was truly enjoyable to have on a hot day! The taste and texture evolves gradually in every spoonful and it was just a joy to have it after a heavy dinner!