Quite coincidental how I actually found myself having both the Classic 001 Burger from Wildfire Burgers and the Basic Burger from BurgerLabo on the same week — the former being the item which I had on a Monday for lunch starting the week, and the former for dinner on a Friday to end off the work week.

There is someone whom I know who asked me about the two — and I must say that the opinion given by that person is rather accurate even. The Basic Burger here is one that comes with that extra bit of finesse; and little wonder to that because it has to be — at $25 for just the single patty option, the Basic Burger commands a higher price tag even when compared to those of the same at cafes and bistros alike. It features elements a mix of Argentinian beef and Japanese Wagyu in its patty — already pretty noteworthy for a “basic” burger, and comes with condiments such as pickled red onions, American cheese, Wagyu fats, Shio Kombu Mayo-based sauce and buns sourced from Bakery Brera (yes, that bakery at Farrer Road).

For one, there are many other burgers that taste pretty good when it comes to individual elements, but the whole experience isn’t quite as integrated as how a burger should have been — the BurgerLabo Basic Burger does very well at being an entire experience of its own though; soft, fluffy buns, while the beef patty is incredibly well-done with its melt-in-the-mouth texture — crusted on the exterior, but comes with a good proportion of lean parts against fattier cuts that gives it a good bite, whilst being tender and having the juices locked in, tasty without being particularly gamey. The onions provide a slight zing that cuts through the savouriness of the melted cheese, and the mayo helps to add a creaminess to the burger that binds everything together. The entire burger feels harmonious as one — a gastronomical experience despite being just a simple cheeseburger; a well-rounded creation despite its fuss-free nature as compared to other burgers offering more adventurous flavours or combinations. The accompanying fries comes with shaved parmesan and a drizzle of truffle oil by default — flavour-wise these comes very close to PS Cafe’s famed truffle fries, but I would say that these are definitely more crisp and appetising.

So back to the two burgers I have had in a single week — it is undeniable that both have their loyal following, and that is because how despite the Classic 001 Burger from Wildfire Burgers and the Basic Burger from BurgerLabo sounding like they come off the same breed, they are two different burgers that cater to a different audience. Between the two, BurgerLabo’s version comes with more finesse; akin to the sort of burger that people who usually likes having their burgers with knives and forks will really love — it feels like the more grown-up version of the two with, and is something that matured audiences may like for its balance. The Classic 001 Burger from Wildfire Burgers is the one that youngsters and hipsters alike would prefer; something that is “messier” with a bit more “sin” involved — a grubbier affair in general, and not forgetting how it is also the more affordable of the two. I wouldn’t attempt to even say “pick your poison”, but if one must, then they would have to try both of them to experience each establishment’s take of the most quintessential burger of them all.