📍Toast days, 24 Haji Lane📍
💸 Traditional Pandan Waffles (Kaya): $12.80
💸 Kopi C Kosong (Iced): $3.30
Visited Toast Days, a relatively new Local cafe that opened in Haji Lane! Perhaps due to its location, the prices were slightly higher than usual😅. We quite enjoyed the Nanyang coffee, which was dark, strong and fragrant☕! The Kaya Waffles however, fell short of our expectations. The Waffles didn't really have a strong pandan flavour, which is what we usually prefer🧇. Also, we felt that the ice cream🍦 that came along with it didn't really go well with the Kaya waffles. When eaten together, you can't really taste the Kaya anymore☹️. However, we did appreciate the generous kaya spread given. Given it's hefty price tag though, we'll much prefer neighbourhood bakeries for waffles! But if you're in Haji Lane and looking for a cafe serving up local snacks, this could be the place for you☺️!