Yep, this is the $7 add on to every hotpot buffet order at Guo Fu, the Male Vitality Soup. Which I’m just gonna call the Super Male Vitality for the memes, and if you get it you get it. So the Super Male Vitality makes a man long, strong, and ready to defeat the shadowy globalist cabal out there...or at least it’s supposed to.⠀

What I can confirm, however, is that this soup base is free from chemicals that would turn the frickin’ frogs gay. Instead, it’s fully loaded with an entire traditional Chinese medicine hall’s worth of herbs, and it’s a little harshly herbal at the beginning to prove its herbal heritage.⠀

Once you boil down some corn, and cook off your meats, the Super Male Vitality transforms into an unctuous, umami broth with a decent body & enough herbal qualities to make you feel extra healthy. I’m sold on this being a superb soup base for your hotpot, but I’m still not sold on this being able to morph you into an alpha Chad that eats globalists for breakfast.

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